Piers Morgan is a Paragon of Hypocrisy


CommissarWho could possibly have guessed it? The Guido Fawkes website has just unearthed a picture of Piers Morgan in a Nazi fancy dress costume. As of yet, Mr Morgan hasn’t commented directly, in fact the attention hungry journalist has suffered a sudden attack of shyness when people want to ask questions about it. Apparently he’s blocking anyone and everyone on Twitter who dares to mention the offending photo, so we’ll see if he’s forced to take the next step and delete his account entirely. If that happens, brace yourself for a self indulgent orgy of hand wringing and navel gazing surrounding our lawless and unaccountable cancel culture. Out in the real world, most of us won’t be paying too much attention to that as we quietly chuckle while we watch the outrage machine eat one of its own. I’m sure it’ll turn out to be Trump’s fault in the end.

Although SS costumes are in poor taste and never a good idea, I can’t say I’m especially offended or surprised by Piers’ tactless fancy dress choice.

In fact, blackface and Nazi getup seem to be de rigueur for our morally and intellectually advanced elites. You know, the people who are paid exorbitant sums to lecture the rest of us knuckle draggers about what we should think and how we should view the world.

Although it’s great fun to watch one of our self-appointed betters bake in the fires of PC outrage, such delicious schadenfreude can deflect from a more fundamentally important point. Piers Morgan is not an outlier or some shocking statistical anomaly; in fact, his current troubles are part of a discernable pattern we can see emerging among our self-righteous, hectoring and badgering elites.

Remember when Justin Trudeau was called out for wearing blackface, at least three times? Piers Morgan was all over that and now we can see why; as his shrieking denunciations helped to divert attention from the skeletons he must’ve known were lurking in his own closet. But let’s not pick on poor old Piers and tremulous Trudeau too much, we should also acknowledge Prince Harry, by far the wokest member of house Windsor. Remember when he thought it would be a jolly wheeze to wear the symbols of state sponsored genocide which are banned in many European countries and all university campuses? Incidentally, academia doesn’t share the same visceral revulsion for the even deadlier hammer & sickle, but I digress.

Of course the most bitter irony is that the people who are routinely maligned with accusations of various ‘ists and ‘isms would never dream of wearing blackface or a Nazi costume, even in jest. They know exactly what would happen to them if they did.

“How many times have you worn blackface? Probably right around zero.” Tucker Carlson

While one dodgy costume does not a Nazi make, political faux pas like this only prove that PC outrage and cancel culture have nothing to do with equality or diversity, they are about power over others, plain and simple. If a true sense of propriety had anything to do with it, we should be seeing the Piers Morgan story all over the mainstream media. So far everything is oddly quiet.

Despite his pretence of speaking truth to power, Piers Morgan is very much an establishment fixture, and the establishment protects its own, regardless of what they’ve done. If Saville and Epstein could offend with impunity for decades, don’t expect Piers Morgan to be terribly troubled by the odd SS armband. His crass hypocrisy is just another day at the office.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Image courtesy of Bartlomiej Stroinski at FreeImages.com

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