Damn! Now I Must Defend Piers Morgan

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Razor WireI’m not really a fan of Piers Morgan.

Having watched his performances for many years now, I’ve concluded that, much like Tony Blair, the only guiding principle he really adheres to is that of self-promotion. No doubt his dramatic departure from ITV has cleared the way for his transition to yet-to-be-launched GB News. Fortuitous timing or what!

I don’t think there are many people in the English-speaking world who haven’t figured out that Piers Morgan is a self-aggrandising loudmouth, who takes every opportunity to elbow his way into the news he’s supposed to be reporting. Still, the man’s been a linchpin of the infotainment industry for a long time now and we can’t really condemn him for doing his job enthusiastically.

Being outspoken and controversial has been a solid gold career choice for Piers Morgan, so I have no doubt the show will go on. And on. And on.

Having said all that, nothing I’ve written even comes close to justifying his de facto dismissal from ITV, and for what? Well, the unconscionable crime of voicing an opinion shared by countless millions throughout the world.

Judging by the press and the blogosphere, Piers Morgan wasn’t alone in being mystified as Meghan Markle’s tale of behind-the-scenes repression and media hate was broadcast on primetime TV, in the most hypocritical act of self-promotion imaginable. When it comes to hogging the limelight, Mr Morgan is an amateur compared to the ever-so-worthy Windsors. I wonder if Harry will renounce his British citizenship, considering how poorly this nation has treated him and his family. In any case, it’s hard to think of a more tone-deaf way for an alleged victim to tell her story. Incidentally, Oprah Winfrey is a seasoned media player and there’s no way on this earth she wouldn’t have considered the optics from every angle. She clearly believes that the inevitable backlash will be far outweighed by the cultural and political capital she can accrue from such a performance. Money doesn’t really come into it for people like her, so maybe she’s still thinking about that presidential run.

I’m sure I heard at least half the planet groaning when the discombobulated duchess blamed all her problems on good old-fashioned, tried and tested, highly renumerated racism. Did anyone outside the media bubble seriously regard this as a bombshell accusation? It was about as predictable as the amusement park owner being unmasked at the end of Scooby Doo. The fact that, like every other race hustler, she offers no real-world evidence to support her assertions seems irrelevant. The only true revelation was that an unverified accusation from a disgruntled duchess still carries enough weight to cost Piers Morgan his job, and he’s a somebody. Just ask him.

So, was Meghan Markle the victim of a systemically racist institution that drove her to the point of suicide, or is she merely an actress playing the role of an oppressed victim, ignominiously exiled to humdrum obscurity in the Hollywood Hills? I have no idea, but then neither does Piers Morgan. Whatever we might think of Mr Morgan’s opinion, not believing Meghan Markle’s story is a rational conclusion, given the mountain of hearsay backed up by exactly no evidence. Business as usual, I guess.

In the end time will tell, but as things look right now, I’m willing to bet that history will remember Piers Morgan as the man who saw the Empress of Woke parading naked, and found the courage to speak up.

I don’t mind admitting, that’s something I never thought I would say.

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