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Broken mask

Broken maskNow we see you!

Ever since the Brexit referendum of 2016, I’ve been writing at length about how this whole process has been immensely helpful in peeling back the layers of doublespeak and obfuscation that have calcified around our political and media class for decades now.

Despite the fine words about democracy and respecting the referendum result, many of us suspected that when push came to shove, the establishment would never actually allow this country to leave the European Union…under any circumstances.

We were right.

Faced with the unprecedented situation of a government and Prime Minister genuinely committed to implementing the largest democratic mandate in British history, the last veil of deceit has been torn from our hideously deformed body politic. The naked opportunism, dishonesty and contempt for the intelligence of the electorate are even uglier than many of us would’ve liked to contemplate.

Now we find ourselves in the ludicrous position of a Parliamentary class screeching about a supposed prorogation “coup” while arbitrarily awarding itself new powers to legislate. When they’re not doing that, they’re attempting to drag the judiciary into the political process by legislating from the bench when the politics doesn’t go their way. At the same time they refuse to allow an unreliable electorate to break the deadlock. Having whined about a general election for literally years, MPs have twice baulked at letting the great unwashed finally deliver their verdict. I think we all know why.

I guess a general election wasn’t the “People’s Vote” they had in mind, in the same way the referendum result wasn’t what they had in mind either. By the way, as a rule of thumb, one should never trust anything that has the word democratic or people’s in its title as that’s a dead giveaway it’s the complete opposite of what’s written on the tin. George Orwell noticed this.

The fact that we’ve entered the final stages of the establishment’s long campaign against Brexit is clear to everyone. The only question I’m asking is whether they really believe the electorate are so gullible as to swallow their platitudes about democracy and accountability, or whether they simply don’t care what the voters think as long as they can maintain their clammy grip on the levers of power.

Now we face the extraordinary possibility of a Prime Minister defying a constitutionally dubious law by not requesting a Brexit extension. If that happened then we really would be in legal wonderland. If Boris thumbs his nose at this self serving rump of a Parliament, I’ve no doubt that the screaming from inside the M25 would be heard all the way to Aberdeen, although I’m not sure that the wider electorate would see things in quite the same way.

Obviously it’s a bad idea for elected officials to ignore the law, but if that’s what it takes for this miserable, mendacious Parliament to finally face the electorate then it really is a bargain. I can imagine the quiet smirks in living rooms across the land as these supercilious hypocrites line up to screech about democracy being under attack.

The thing is, I don’t think they’ll be talking to anyone but themselves because we’ve already seen them without their disguise, and we know who they are.

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