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Lib Dem 2019 manifesto

Lib Dem 2019 manifestoSo here it is, merry Brexmas, everybody’s having fun!

The results of this general election will be discussed and written about for decades to come, and with good reason. This is quite literally the end of an era. Future history books will compare and contrast the period that went before with the one that dawned on Friday December 13th 2019.

The abject failure of the Lib Dems’ revoke Brexit offering speaks for itself, and much has already been made of the starkly contrasting results obtained by both the major parties. By now it’s common knowledge that Labour have suffered their worst electoral defeat since 1935, but apparently that’s okay because Jeremy Corbyn claims to have won the argument. Some would say it’s unkind to deride the afflicted, but mockery is the only rational response to self-delusion of such galactic proportions. Something that’s much more interesting than the ongoing corbynista meltdown is the sheer scale of Boris Johnson’s triumph. Pretty much everybody knows that it’s the largest Conservative majority since Margaret Thatcher’s last election victory in 1987.

Despite happening more than thirty years earlier, that 1987 benchmark is no accident; in fact it’s part of an identifiable pattern which appears to have gone largely unnoticed by our highly paid and highly scripted mainstream media.

It’s no coincidence that the 1987 Tory majority was won by the increasingly Eurosceptic Margaret Thatcher, who was later replaced by John Major in a pro EU coup as she became an increasingly vociferous opponent of the disastrous Exchange Rate Mechanism, which laid the groundwork for the single currency. Since that time, the disconnect between a Europhile Tory party and its increasingly Eurosceptic voter base has been characterised by election defeats, coalition government and slim parliamentary majorities.

Although the party establishment has long resisted the changing of the guard, the more Eurosceptic and populist wing of the Conservative Party has become an unstoppable political force since the 2016 referendum. Not even Theresa May’s dismal attempt to cancel Brexit without anyone noticing was enough to stave off the inevitable collapse of this powerful yet unrepresentative globalist clique at Tory HQ. The electoral humiliation of Grieve, Gauke, Soubury et al shows just how unpopular this group really is.

So, what happens when a populist, Eurosceptic leader finally wrestles control of the centre right away from the globalist cuckoos in the nest? Electoral landslide, that’s what.

The order for course correction has finally been acknowledged some three decades after a self-interested and unrepresentative globalist cabal seized control of the HMS Great Britain by forcing out its last Eurosceptic captain. We can expect plenty of grumbling and a continued rearguard action from both the civil service and the mainstream media, but the ship of state is now firmly under the control of those who at least have some idea of what the quiet, sensible middle actually wants.

It took more than thirty years, but the globalist coup d’etat has suffered an irrevocable defeat. Set course for a brighter, freer and more prosperous future.

As for the unrepentant Remainers who still refuse to accept Brexit and who are now rebranding themselves as Re-joiners…let me know how that works out for you!

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