The Viciousness of the Good People


FlowchartI know I won’t be the only one switching off his social media feeds when the polls close on December 12th. If current election projections are borne out, I have no desire to drown in the torrent of abusive bile and wailing lamentation that’s certain to swamp the internet when the people of the UK choose the next Parliamentary intake.

The inevitable outpouring of Leftist rage on Friday 13th will also be very revealing for those with eyes to see. When confronted with their failure to convince the masses of their own best interests, the mask of many a meme sharer will slip to reveal these caring, compassionate and concerned citizens for who they really are. It won’t be pretty, but it’s always instructive to watch these enlightened souls fly into a blind fury when they realise that the people they claim to champion are not so easily moved by some clever soundbite about tolerance and compassion. They are about to discover that the average voter is actually smarter than a ten year old child. Who knew?

The chattering classes of the Left are always exposed as insufferable snobs whenever they fail to get what they want. All it takes is a little resistance to reveal how these fearless warriors for truth and justice (whatever that means) really do believe themselves to be part of some higher moral order, and better human beings than those who see the world differently to themselves. This flow chart doing the rounds on social media is the best example of the burgeoning messiah complex we’ve all observed in this increasingly tiresome and detached activist class. Voting Tory? Well, that’s because there’s something wrong with you, personally! This nasty and vindictive shaming strategy shouldn’t really be surprising, because any other explanation for someone voting Tory might require a little humility and self-examination. That can never be allowed because the Leftist’s world view is deeply considered, fully formed and unassailable. They know this to be true because they are the good people, and the good people never vote Tory. Therefore it follows that anyone who dares to disagree with them cannot be a good person.

Having grown up in the bluest of Shires and having lived in the red industrial north for decades, I could offer these increasingly puritanical and self-regarding activists some sound advice based on real-world experience, but I know they’ll never listen to someone like me. They’re too blissfully lost in a toxic fog of internal self-righteousness and vicious hatred to learn anything useful from their inevitable failure. If only the poor benighted masses were less thick and selfish, then maybe we could build a better world…and so on…and so forth…etc…ad nauseam.

As Wellington famously said, “they came on in the same old way, and we sent them back in the same old way.”

Roll on polling day.

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