Afghanistan: The Graveyard of Materialism

flagsMake no mistake about it, President Biden’s humiliating Afghanistan scramble is one of the defining moments of the 21st century. The ramifications of this inevitable yet disastrously mismanaged climbdown will ripple across the globe for decades to come, reshaping the international order and ushering in as yet unknown alliances and rivalries.

As we approach the 20th anniversary of the World Trade Centre attacks, it’s difficult to avoid the conclusion that the much-lauded War on Terror has been an ignominious failure for the West.

What has all this squandered blood and treasure really taught us?

For one, we really should have seen the warning signs long before now. The failures in Iraq, Syria and Libya were hardly subtle hints as to how this would all end, yet still the Western liberal democracies persisted. Just a little more money, just a little more freedom, just a few more rights enshrined in law and all would be well. Just one last push…

The sudden outpouring of introspection within our political class confirms that the jig is up and we can’t just return to business as usual. Even Tony Blair has been forced to admit that nation building with a bomb in one hand and a pallet of cash in the other has been an abject disaster. Such a naively reductionist view of our human world has left us poorer, at greater risk and more insecure than we were on that bright September morning two decades ago.

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The BBC is Doomed

GravestoneWow! That was fast!

When the BBC’s new director-general gave his inaugural speech on September 3, he made it very clear that the era of political activism disguised as journalism was coming to an end, at least in his organisation.

Not surprisingly, this hard-line stance was applauded by pundits and public alike, all of whom are heartily sick of advocates and activists taking potshots from Television Centre, before ducking back behind the corporation’s solid defences of state patronage and a uniquely coercive funding model. For most of us in alternative media it was music to the ears.

The only problem with Tim Davie’s excellent speech was that it meant absolutely nothing.

According to the Telegraph, less than 24 hours after the new DG’s much lauded words were uttered, the BBC had quietly told the most egregious impartiality offenders that they would not in fact be subject to the same conduct rules as the rank and file sweating away on the shop floor.

It would be hard to script a political satire featuring a more blatant example of establishment hypocrisy than this. For all those at W1A who are still scratching their heads over the Brexit vote, the outrageous double standards within your own organisation would be a good place to start looking for answers.

There are two ways in which this situation could have come about. Either Mr Davie made his speech and then quietly let it be known that he didn’t really mean what he’d said, or somebody other than the director-general has given the BBC’s woke warriors the green light to continue doing what the boss has explicitly told them stop doing.

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Call of Duty Cold War

The Ghost of Yuri Bezmenov

Call of Duty Cold WarSo, Activision’s massively successful Call of Duty video game series has just announced its next title, Call of Duty: Black ops Cold War. We can already tell it’s going to be a huge hit because all the right people are freaking out on social media.

Okay, so the SJW crowd losing its collective mind over something is hardly news; in fact we’re all very weary of their endless screeching about whatever’s bothering them today. However, this game trailer is different, because it doesn’t stand accused of promoting racism, sexism or some other nebulous form of bigotry. In fact it’s far, far worse than that. What COD Cold War has done, probably on purpose, is to commit the ultimate social media sin of breaking the first commandment from which all other woke dogma flows.

Call of Duty Cold War has just told the truth, and violation of this primary woke commandment can never be forgiven.

As of this morning, thanks to a popular video game, many tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people have learned the name of Yuri Bezmenov for the very first time. In case you’re not familiar with him, Bezmenov was a real life, bone fide KGB defector who gave one of the most important public interviews in the entirety of television history. I’m not exaggerating even a little bit. In this truly ground-breaking broadcast, Bezmenov set out in great detail how the Soviets planned to weaken the Western powers through a sustained cultural attack known as Active Measures. Bezmenov destroys the myth of Cold War agents battling it out in the shadows like James Bond and instead explains where the real action always was.

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SJWs Always Lie

SJWs Always Lie – a Review

SJWs Always LieIf you’re reading this blog post then there’s a fair chance you’re a pretty decent sort; an independent thinker with an enquiring mind. You probably ignore a lot of the craziness around you (especially on the internet) and conduct yourself with considered rationality and restrained civility if you enter into some kind of social or political discussion.

If I’ve just described you reasonably well then I’m afraid I have some bad news. You may not realise it, but your reputation and even your livelihood could be at risk and you’re exactly the kind of person who should read SJWs Always Lie by the indomitable Vox Day.

It’s a common misapprehension among ordinary, decent folk that if they just keep their heads down, mind what they say and don’t rock the boat, the social justice mob will pass them by.

Day explodes this dangerous myth by highlighting how social justice warriors are not concerned with any kind of justice. In fact they are shockingly vindictive and self righteous individuals who delight in using the decency of their victims as a weapon against them. Although they will occasionally fire off a salvo of misinformation about the likes of Vox Day and even yours truly, we are not their preferred targets. Instead of taking on people who know how to punch back, the online outrage mob will seek out softer targets to unjustly malign, isolate and destroy. Unfortunately there’s a fair chance that you might be that softer target if you’re not prepared. The fact that you’ve done nothing wrong and don’t seek out confrontation is irrelevant and actually makes you more vulnerable to wrongthink purges and possible de-employment.

Just like the school bully, SJWs tend to avoid targets who hit back in favour of those who don’t know how to defend themselves.

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Outstretched hand

All the World’s a Virtue Signalling Stage

Outstretched hand It’s hard to find a more perfect convergence of culture, media and politics than the recent One World benefit concert to support the beleaguered World Health Organisation. Luminaries like Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder and Elton John have all given their time (and presumably some of their own money) to help plug the funding gap left by Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw US taxpayer funding. In one way it’s a refreshing change to see our entertainment and business elite putting their hands in their own pockets rather than trying to guilt the coins out of ours; although how much of this sudden flowering of philanthropy was a knee-jerk reaction to what the diabolical Dorito Man just happened to be doing at the time remains debatable.

Given the increasing criticism of the WHO for failing to carry out its core function of protecting the world’s health while carrying water for Communist China, one might reasonably think that savvy celebrities (or their managers) would want to steer clear of that potential minefield. But no, they fell over themselves to publicly declare their unqualified support for an increasingly discredited globalist order. I suppose their behaviour makes sense when you consider how they and their friends have been the primary beneficiaries of the current status quo.

We shouldn’t be surprised really, because the last four years have proved beyond doubt that our business and cultural elites are steadfastly incapable of learning anything. If they were capable of learning at least a little, they wouldn’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again. I’m sure Einstein had something to say about that.

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