SJWs Always Lie – a Review

SJWs Always Lie

SJWs Always LieIf you’re reading this blog post then there’s a fair chance you’re a pretty decent sort; an independent thinker with an enquiring mind. You probably ignore a lot of the craziness around you (especially on the internet) and conduct yourself with considered rationality and restrained civility if you enter into some kind of social or political discussion.

If I’ve just described you reasonably well then I’m afraid I have some bad news. You may not realise it, but your reputation and even your livelihood could be at risk and you’re exactly the kind of person who should read SJWs Always Lie by the indomitable Vox Day.

It’s a common misapprehension among ordinary, decent folk that if they just keep their heads down, mind what they say and don’t rock the boat, the social justice mob will pass them by.

Day explodes this dangerous myth by highlighting how social justice warriors are not concerned with any kind of justice. In fact they are shockingly vindictive and self righteous individuals who delight in using the decency of their victims as a weapon against them. Although they will occasionally fire off a salvo of misinformation about the likes of Vox Day and even yours truly, we are not their preferred targets. Instead of taking on people who know how to punch back, the online outrage mob will seek out softer targets to unjustly malign, isolate and destroy. Unfortunately there’s a fair chance that you might be that softer target if you’re not prepared. The fact that you’ve done nothing wrong and don’t seek out confrontation is irrelevant and actually makes you more vulnerable to wrongthink purges and possible de-employment.

Just like the school bully, SJWs tend to avoid targets who hit back in favour of those who don’t know how to defend themselves.

Having been at the heart of the #gamergate insurgency as well as the science fiction culture war (yeah, that’s actually a thing) Day knows only too well just what lengths SJW entryists will go to in order to destroy anyone who dares question their self appointed authority over us.

SJWs Always Lie is an essential survival guide for anybody who does not adhere to the ever changing and frankly bizarre world view of the social justice cult. Day methodically sets out how an SJW mob operates, how to recognise an attack and how to effectively defend yourself against an assault that could come at any time and for any reason, real or imagined.

Obviously Mr Day is rather more combative and thick-skinned than the average person, but nevertheless the self defence methods he sets out in this book are invaluable both to individuals, and as part of a growing backlash against the petty authoritarianism which we have all allowed to infest and control our lives. Although an unfounded accusation at work or a weekend Twitter dogpile can be an unpleasant experience, Day demonstrates how to turn these unwarranted and slanderous attacks to your advantage not only for yourself, but for the next unsuspecting victim whose name we may never know.

In the end, perhaps the most important function of this book is to explode the myth of social justice hegemony and highlight how the SJWs currently infesting academia, media and HR departments are an unrepresentative clique who speak for nobody but themselves. The subject matter may be deadly serious, but Day’s amusing and positive outlook demonstrates that despite appearances, SJWs are losing ground on many fronts as more and more ordinary people begin to stand up for themselves and push back against the hysterical denunciations and character assassinations which are the SJW’s preferred form of coercive control.

Learn some valuable lessons, laugh along and join the revolution for common decency.

It’s not an exaggeration to say this book might just change your life.

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