David Berlinski

David Berlinski – Modern Heretic

David BerlinskiIt’s only fitting that I dedicate my 100th blog post to the great David Berlinski; mathematician, writer, polymath and probably the single most dangerous heretic alive today.

With a fiercely talented and mathematically trained mind, Berlinski has become the scourge of establishment academics as he questions the most basic assumptions upon which disciplines such as physics and evolutionary biology currently rest. The reason he is such a threat to the status quo is that he identifies and calls out the articles of scientific faith which are cunningly disguised as settled facts…plus he’s just a lot smarter than they are.

Perhaps being the child of Holocaust refugees has something to do with Berlinski’s uncanny ability to sniff out patterns of thought and systems of belief that masquerade as established scientific principles, despite their being nothing of the kind. Probably the best example of this surgical separation of what we know from what we think can be found in The Devil’s Delusion, Berlinski’s masterful deconstruction of “scientific” atheism. As a secular Jew, Berlinski doesn’t argue for or against the existence of any First Cause or Creator; instead he merely exposes the many, many questions left unanswered by astrophysics and evolutionary biology by deflating their claims to know an awful lot more than they actually do.

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayann Hirsi Ali – Modern Heretic

Ayaan Hirsi AliIf ever there was a walking, talking exemplar of courage today, then surely that description befits Somali born Ayann Hirsi Ali.

As a victim of female genital mutilation and a former Islamist sympathiser, Hirsi Ali has dared to incur the wrath of both Islamists and their many apologists as she fearlessly calls out the breathtaking double standards of mainstream Western politics. Hounded by both those outside the law as well as those who make it, she has fearlessly campaigned for the reform of Islamic doctrine, particularly in relation to the issue of women’s rights. She is also a thorn in the side of feminist grievance culture as she constantly calls out their hysterical denunciation of an incorrect word or an advertising campaign, while highlighting their hypocritical silence when it comes to women’s rights in Islamic communities.

Fleeing to the Netherlands to escape an arranged marriage, Hirsi Ali has lived under constant threat of violence from one source or another for the better part of twenty years. That threat became all too real when her colleague Theo Van Gogh was murdered in 2004. Hirsi Ali had written the script for his controversial film entitled Submission (2004), which is a short but hard hitting critique of the condition of women in Islamic societies.

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Brandon Straka

Brandon Straka – Modern Heretic

Brandon StrakaBrandon Straka has become something of a living meme since the US election of 2016. Like many Democrat voters and avid Clinton supporters, Straka was not only disappointed at the election result; he was also bewildered, angry and afraid. As an openly gay man, Straka was convinced that the US had taken a sharp turn towards state sponsored oppression and bigotry. Like hundreds of thousands of others, he believed that he was in great danger following the 2016 electoral upset.

Prior to the election, Straka was pretty much a run-of the mill, box ticking American liberal, and it was those professed values of inclusivity and compassion that led to his now famous #WalkAway journey. Although he was doing the usual crying and condemning on social media following the Trumpocalypse, Straka possessed enough self-awareness to realise he must’ve missed something really big to be so badly blind-sided by Clinton’s defeat.

So began his quest to understand why millions of ordinary Americans had voted for a man the mainstream media had declared officially off limits due to his racism, bigotry, misogyny and stupidity. What was happening? Were all these voters just dumb, easily fooled, or were they all just secret racists?

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Dave Rubin

Dave Rubin – Modern Heretic

Dave RubinKicking off this series honouring modern-day dissidents, heretics and dangerous thinkers is the always thoughtful, always affable and genuinely curious Dave Rubin. Condemned by louder sections of the chattering classes as some sort of gateway drug to political extremism, Rubin is one of the most popular and laid-back linchpins of a cultural phenomenon which has become known as the intellectual dark web.

Describing himself as a classical liberal, Rubin’s philosophical and political journey has been followed and replicated by thousands of men and women throughout Western society over the last two decades. The numbers are climbing by the day.

As a one-time panellist and contributor for the extremely progressive Young Turks Network, Rubin has spoken at length about his personal development from progressive firebrand to fierce critic of identity politics and passionate defender of individual rights. Always thoughtful, kind and intellectually curious, his long form interviews on the Rubin Report are some of the most watched, commented on and beloved political content on YouTube, although he’s also branching out onto other platforms such as Bitchute because not even an openly gay married man is safe from the ideological outrage mob that stalks our society in search of victims to lynch and lives to ruin.

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