Theresa May – The Woman who Killed the Conservatives

Skull and cross-bones

Skull and cross-bonesAll in all, Britain’s economy has confounded the professional doom-sayers since the 2016 referendum. Unemployment is down and business confidence is steady, no doubt buoyed up by the boom in the hyperbole sector as the commentariat’s hysteria factories run hot night and day. Never before have we seen such an avalanche of gloom and apocalyptic prognostication pouring forth from blogs, online pundits and the mainstream media’s digitised platforms.

Of course we all know that blood-curdling clickbait is part and parcel of life in cyberspace, and as such we shouldn’t take it too seriously.

However, this time I think they could be right. We could be witnessing the end of the Conservative Party if things don’t change, radically and fast.

Theresa May’s pathological drive to shackle this nation to the bloated, unpopular and dysfunctional European Union at any cost has driven her to the point of political insanity. Quite literally. Rather than listen to the membership, the voters, the Parliamentary party or even her own Cabinet and respect the referendum result, she has instead embarked on a course deliberately designed to ensure the UK can never escape the legal dominance of the European Union.

Labour’s half-arsed customs union plan is not Brexit, and is completely incompatible with the Conservatives’ 2017 manifesto (page 36). Even if May were able to¬†bulldoze this fudge of a fudge through somehow, it will not make the Brexit problem go away. In fact it’ll make things a whole lot worse.

It’s worth re-stating that the foundational force driving the Brexit vote was a long-standing and systematically suppressed desire for national sovereignty and self-determination. It was a deep-seated, loud and unambiguous answer to the age old question of who governs, and by what authority.

The Tories will never be forgiven for their betrayal of that simple yet powerful principle. I use the word betrayal carefully, correctly and deliberately.

Any further Brexit extension, if it runs beyond May 22nd, will likely involve fighting the European elections which start the following day. I wouldn’t want to be at Conservative central office on that night, especially after the historic, panic inducing meltdown they can expect in the upcoming local elections as the activists stay at home and the voters effectively go on strike. Legends will be born on that night, to the extent that it will be given its very own christening by history.

There has been some loose talk about staying in the EU and not fighting those elections, which would quite literally be taxation without representation. Good luck spinning that!

In the end, perhaps all of this drama crisis and uncertainty are necessary growing pains. With the rise of the Brexit Party and TIGgers organising themselves into a bona fide political force, perhaps this is the next stage of the much needed political re-alignment which has been talked about by so many (including myself) in recent years.

It can’t come a moment too soon!

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