The BBC is Doomed


GravestoneWow! That was fast!

When the BBC’s new director-general gave his inaugural speech on September 3, he made it very clear that the era of political activism disguised as journalism was coming to an end, at least in his organisation.

Not surprisingly, this hard-line stance was applauded by pundits and public alike, all of whom are heartily sick of advocates and activists taking potshots from Television Centre, before ducking back behind the corporation’s solid defences of state patronage and a uniquely coercive funding model. For most of us in alternative media it was music to the ears.

The only problem with Tim Davie’s excellent speech was that it meant absolutely nothing.

According to the Telegraph, less than 24 hours after the new DG’s much lauded words were uttered, the BBC had quietly told the most egregious impartiality offenders that they would not in fact be subject to the same conduct rules as the rank and file sweating away on the shop floor.

It would be hard to script a political satire featuring a more blatant example of establishment hypocrisy than this. For all those at W1A who are still scratching their heads over the Brexit vote, the outrageous double standards within your own organisation would be a good place to start looking for answers.

There are two ways in which this situation could have come about. Either Mr Davie made his speech and then quietly let it be known that he didn’t really mean what he’d said, or somebody other than the director-general has given the BBC’s woke warriors the green light to continue doing what the boss has explicitly told them stop doing.

This means that either the new director-general is just another establishment hack who pays lip service to the public mood while secretly despising those he’s paid handsomely to serve, or he is not actually in control of the organisation he claims to govern. Those are the only possible explanations for such a contradiction.

Whether Mr Davie is a new broom without authority or whether he’s really a sleeper agent for the woke establishment is irrelevant. While this little charade has certainly rankled the public, it won’t have surprised anybody; in fact it will have confirmed what many of us have suspected for some time.

The BBC is doomed. It’s already too late.

When we apply Vox Day’s excellent analysis of organisational behaviour, we quickly see how the BBC is now completely converged and its destruction is inevitable. To put it another way, the main purpose of the BBC has been subverted to serve the niche political agendas of a small clique within the organisation, rather than producing media content with a broad appeal. The inescapable result of this subversion is that BBC will continue to deliberately alienate its target audience, and what’s more, the ones who are really calling the shots will enjoy doing it.

To paraphrase James Cameron’s famous movie; it is a mathematical certainty that the BBC will flounder. To be sure it won’t happen overnight, but this woke convergence will inevitably weaken and then destroy the organisation.

The BBC’s demise will unfold along these lines: as the woke pandering becomes even worse, more blatant and more insane, audiences will continue to shrink. As it becomes increasingly clear that the BBC no longer has any interest in serving the public, the already intense pressure for reform of the licence fee settlement will become politically irresistible. Non-payment of the licence fee will then be decriminalised, leading to a massive fall in revenues as the nation votes with his wallet and goes on a payment strike.

At that point, the BBC will do what all converged organisations do and start lashing out at its own audience, blaming them for not supporting its poor editorial decisions. Eventually, profitable brand names and franchises will have to be sold off to other production companies, leaving behind a rump of disgruntled, highly remunerated political commentators who nobody takes seriously.

After all of this has happened, it should be clearly understood that under no circumstances will the culture warriors hiding inside the BBC blame themselves. They never do. They’ll simply move on to the next hapless media organisation and begin hollowing that out with their intersectional ideology.

Don’t believe me? That’s okay, just break out the popcorn and get comfortable. It’ll be a long movie, but now we know how it has to end.

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