All the World’s a Virtue Signalling Stage

Outstretched hand

Outstretched hand It’s hard to find a more perfect convergence of culture, media and politics than the recent One World benefit concert to support the beleaguered World Health Organisation. Luminaries like Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder and Elton John have all given their time (and presumably some of their own money) to help plug the funding gap left by Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw US taxpayer funding. In one way it’s a refreshing change to see our entertainment and business elite putting their hands in their own pockets rather than trying to guilt the coins out of ours; although how much of this sudden flowering of philanthropy was a knee-jerk reaction to what the diabolical Dorito Man just happened to be doing at the time remains debatable.

Given the increasing criticism of the WHO for failing to carry out its core function of protecting the world’s health while carrying water for Communist China, one might reasonably think that savvy celebrities (or their managers) would want to steer clear of that potential minefield. But no, they fell over themselves to publicly declare their unqualified support for an increasingly discredited globalist order. I suppose their behaviour makes sense when you consider how they and their friends have been the primary beneficiaries of the current status quo.

We shouldn’t be surprised really, because the last four years have proved beyond doubt that our business and cultural elites are steadfastly incapable of learning anything. If they were capable of learning at least a little, they wouldn’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again. I’m sure Einstein had something to say about that.

Those involved in One World’s navel gazing love-in may have talked about a new Live-Aid, but in the end it turned out to be more of a dodgy tribute band than a historic blowout. Maybe philanthropy for struggling globalist organisations isn’t as popular as the organisers thought it might’ve been. Once again it turns out that the great unwashed are more perceptive than the elites (who both despise and depend on them) like to believe they are. Joe Public immediately saw how One World was no spontaneous outpouring of compassion and humanity; instead it was all about the establishment looking after themselves and virtue signalling while they were doing it.

Talk about tone deaf!

Here we reach the heart of the problem. Like millions of others, I was fortunate to be around for the real Live Aid in 1985 and it was a truly magical event. The ordinary folk of world had come together to finally do something about the endless suffering and injustice blighting our planet and we honestly believed that just a little from those who had a lot could solve the problem once and for all.

Three and a half decades on, almost nothing has changed except that the people’s innate desire to alleviate suffering and do good has been cynically commercialised, weaponised and turned against them in the most vicious way imaginable. We of the the Live Aid generation are weary, sickened and deeply angry after decades of seeing the angels of our better nature twisted and fashioned into a ruthless system of social and cultural control.

The multi millionaires can whine all they want but we won’t get fooled again.

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