America’s Maastricht Moment

Matches burning

Matches burningSo, it looks like Joe Biden’s Democratic Party have won everything. Despite innumerable questions over the integrity of the US election, he’s safely been confirmed as the 46th President of the United States. There are also the Georgia runoff elections where the Democrats seem to have squeaked by.

What a difference four years of populism makes. Back in 2016, the last vote had barely been counted before the steady media drumbeat of Russian collusion began rumbling across the airwaves. The whispering campaign eventually bore fruit in the form of not one, but four investigations to confirm whether the duly elected President of the United States was in fact beholden to a foreign and possibly hostile power.

The Mueller Report, the House Intelligence Committee, The Senate Intelligence Committee and the FBI all concluded there was no evidence supporting the claim that Donald Trump was compromised by the Russians or anyone else. We’ll leave Biden’s well documented links to Beijing for another time.

The scenes in Washington yesterday were not dissimilar to the outpouring of anger and disbelief that accompanied the 2016 result, except that the establishment is foursquare behind the successful candidate this time round. Therefore, it follows that anyone questioning sleepy Joe’s fitness for office has suddenly become a dangerous conspiracy theorist. Does anyone remember Gorilla TV from the Trump days? That was totally believable, apparently.

At the moment there are tens of millions of Americans who are extremely suspicious about the results of the 2020 election, and with the huge number of unanswered questions around electronic tallying, executive overreach and late night ballot dumps, we can hardly blame them.

The answer to this deep division is obvious. A special counsel should be appointed to examine these issues, along with the thousands of sworn affidavits submitted by concerned citizens and election officials alike. This could allay the fears of millions and finally put these troubling questions to bed once and for all. The nation could then begin to move forward in the knowledge that mass voting by mail is completely safe and electronic tabulation is beyond reproach. The fact that smart meters are still unreliable should not be a consideration.

Of course I’m kidding. We all know there will never be any serious examination of these very real issues because the establishment has re-asserted its control. The aspirations of the troublesome unwashed are no longer a concern.

Something similar happened here in the UK when the Maastricht Treaty was finally ratified in 1992. After a shaky period in the 1980s, a populist-leaning leader was finally ousted and the technocracy re-established its cultural and political dominance. In hindsight, we can plainly see that by going out of its way to antagonise a sizeable and growing section of the population, the establishment gleefully sowed the seeds of its own humiliation nearly three decades later. Brexit voters will never forget the way they were treated before the referendum, never mind afterwards.

The battle of 2020 may have gone the establishment’s way, but the technocratic class has seriously over-reached. By burning every ounce of political capital it had left, the US establishment has just sacrificed the war in order to win a battle.

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