America’s Media Massacre

TV Interference

TV InterferenceThis is my first blog post in quite a while, for two main reasons. Firstly, because I’ve had some personal stuff to deal with; and secondly, because I’ve been waiting for the dust to settle around the US presidential election.

Despite what CNN or Fox News might say, it’s not at all clear who the rightful victor in the 2020 presidential election actually is. One thing we do know for sure is that anyone who still advocates voting by mail and electronic counting after this embarrassing goat rodeo is not to be trusted. With anything. Ever.

This situation is disturbing and depressing enough by itself, but the corporate media’s rigid denials that anything could possibly be amiss is nothing less than establishment propaganda. I wish I could say I was surprised about this startling lack of journalistic curiosity, but I’m not. Is anyone?

Despite the agreed media mantra of “no evidence”, the list of sworn affidavits, video footage, statistical anomalies and their resulting investigations is growing by the day. Something’s rotten in swing-state America and we all know it.

Corporate media’s refusal to even ask about this growing litany of electoral strangeness will not help it repair its already shredded reputation. I’m not sure if anything can do that now, but a good place to start would surely be debunking the outlandish conspiracy theories tweeted hourly by President Orange Man and his fascistic enablers. You’d think that CNN et al would be falling over themselves to make literally the worst person in the world look incredibly stupid, yet there is virtual silence from corporate America’s news rooms. Why is that, I wonder?

Just imagine if Biden “lost” the election and accusations of impropriety began to circulate. Would CNN dismiss them as merely the tantrums of a defeated despot? We all know the answer to that question.

Although the US establishment are congratulating themselves right now, they won’t be laughing for long. A large and growing portion of the public have noticed the glaring double standard when it comes to their breathless parroting of any ludicrous accusation against Justice Brett Kavanaugh, as well as their unceasing Russian collusion hysteria. Little details like both of those stories being total BS hasn’t prevented the ruination of lives and reputations along the way. Still, it made Trump look bad and that’s all that matters. I wonder how they’ll cope when they can’t blame the orange ogre for the car crash of a Biden presidency, if it ever happens.

It’s difficult to accept that some random overweight guy on YouTube is more reliable than a primped-up primetime news anchor, but more and more people are finding out that appearance really is no substitute for substance. The establishment may yet succeed in jerry-rigging a ludicrously unpopular candidate into the White House, but that hubris will only hasten their long-term demise. With billions of dollars at Trump’s disposal, time on his hands and the mother of all axes to grind, Trump TV may be arriving sooner than anyone anticipated. Trump Online Services might also make an appearance.

Champagne corks may be popping on the coasts right now but make no mistake, the trajectory is locked in. The mainstream media is dying, and it can’t happen soon enough, for all our sakes.

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