The Age of Alternative Media is Now


PropagandaI suppose it couldn’t last. For a brief, shining moment it seemed as though the coronavirus crisis had finally brought the mainstream media to its senses. It was the perfect lifeboat to rescue them from the island of hysterical partisan hectoring they’ve managed strand themselves on in recent years. This was a once in a generation opportunity for TV and the press to reset its badly tarnished image and present a more sombre, sober and reliable face to the world.

Of course they blew it bigly.

The BBC missed the chance to change because despite a long track record of broadcasting activists disguised as witnesses, it somehow managed to slate a 100% left wing activist lineup on their recent Panorama programme concerning the NHS. What rotten luck! I mean, what are the odds of something like that happening purely by chance? Either they didn’t check their contributors, which is unforgivable, or they did check them and pressed ahead anyway, which is also unforgivable. Why do such errors never happen in the opposite direction and how many times must we be subjected to this before we can finally do away with the rotten, corrupt and regressive licence fee? 

Things are looking no better across the pond, where the mainstream media has colluded in a conspiracy of silence surrounding the Tara Reade allegations against Joe Biden. It’s almost laughable watching these multi-million dollar enterprises behave as though they’re still the arbiters of what’s fit to print and talk about. By now, even the more remote tribes of Turkmenistan are aware of the US media’s staggering hypocrisy when comparing their treatment of Tara Reid to Christine Blasey Ford. Yet the mainstream media continues to behave like a man fixing a leaking tap while the ship is sinking.

I say it’s almost laughable, but not quite, because those who’ve gotten used to being at the wheel have every intention of preserving their privileged position. Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of Youtube, is on record stating they will remove videos that contradict World Health Organisation guidelines surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. By the way, that’s the same WHO that told us there was no person to person transmission and that China had everything under control. Naturally this unwarranted and unconstitutional attack on the First Amendment is being carried out in the interests of the public…it’s always in the interests of the public.

Call me paranoid if you like, but I have no intention of letting the likes of YouTube and the WHO decide what information is true and what is false, and I strongly suggest that nobody else does either. The systemic failures, biases and political agendas of such organisations are so well documented that it would be true lunacy to let anyone like that decide anything.

We need alternative media and dissenting voices now more than ever; like those crazy people who said Trump would win and the Brexit would actually happen. You know, the ones who were actually right about something! It might be a quaintly old-fashioned attitude, but I prefer to listen to people who have a track record of accuracy and I don’t much care how they present their information. Flashy studios are all well and good, but they’re worth nothing if the beautiful people who sit inside them are just stuffed shirts and paid propagandists.

The good news is that modern heretics like Dave Rubin, Stefan Molyneux and countless others are taking back control and setting up their own websites. Sure, social media can be great but they can also pull the plug on a whim, and they’ve been doing so for ever more frivolous reasons. Ultimately, that will be their undoing as the exodus of anyone who’s actually worth listening to continues apace.

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