Kanye West for President? Seriously?

clownOnce again Kanye West has put himself firmly in the spotlight with his unexpected and some would say bizarre announcement that he will run for president of the United States. To be clear, both his much discussed Twitter announcement and his #2020VISION hashtag leave enough ambiguity for a run in 2024 or perhaps even later. He’s still relatively young and he has plenty of time.

The only question that matters right now is whether he’s serious about challenging Donald Trump for the presidency come November. To be honest, it’s difficult to imagine him putting forward a viable presidential run this late in the day, but at the same time it would be foolish to dismiss West’s announcement as the empty daydreams of a vainglorious clown.

Kanye West has a plan, and it doesn’t involve becoming president of the United States in 2020. He’s a smart boy and he understands the media, just like the current occupant of the Oval Office.

In truth, Kanye is probably still figuring out whether he really has any interest in public office. In the meantime he’s got plenty of ground to break and money to make, so we won’t know where he really stands until sometime after 2030.

So why do it?

The answer is to help his friend Donald Trump break the Democrats’ monopoly on the black vote once and for all. We can expect to see Kanye making a number of controversial but true statements on how the Democrats have taken the black vote for granted and mistreated that constituency for decades now. He’ll have a fun time highlighting all the problems blighting Democrat controlled cities, in a way that echoes what Trump himself has been doing. Of course the major difference between them is that Kanye West is a black rapper and not an ageing white businessman, and that will terrify the identity obsessed Democrat-media complex. As both the Democrat Party and their fellow travellers in the mainstream media have decreed 2020 to be the year of the racist, it’s going to be fun watching them trying to sell the narrative that cool-as-they-come Kanye is some kind of white supremacist. They’ll still try though.

With Candace Owens pressing in from the Christian right and Kanye West hitting the soft centre, the Democrats’ most reliable (and most abused) voting block is caught in a deadly pincer movement designed to destroy that historic support. Having already captured the white working class, Trump is bound to pick up a significant chunk of the entrenched black vote when Kanye drops out of the race and endorses fellow dragon the Donald himself. However, even that’s not the long-term strategy, because the true purpose of Kanye’s mission is to create a long lasting and existential threat to the Democrat Party. It’s payback time, and it’s long overdue.

Kanye West will not become President of the United States any time in the 2020s, but he will ensure that no future Democrat can farm the black vote every four years before reverting to type and mistreating those same constituents so terribly once the election’s over. If he succeeds in doing that, he’ll have done more to help the black community than the Democrat Party ever did.

Go Kanye!

Image courtesy of Ariel Camilo at FreeImages.com

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