Laura Loomer

Twitter’s Looming Censorship Problem

Laura LoomerThe way some Silicon Valley giants have behaved of late leads me to wonder whether they’re spectacularly short sighted, or whether they’re so convinced of their own invulnerability that they believe they can act with impunity and never be challenged. Their politically driven editorialising must surely stem from either hubris or foolishness.

Social media and its fellow travellers have a long and well documented history of highly partisan political interference which doesn’t need to be regurgitated here. However, something’s just happened which has left the tech titans in a very precarious position.

Last night, conservative campaigner Laura Loomer won the Republican nomination for Florida’s 21st Congressional District. In fact, she won just over of 40% of votes cast, which is a remarkable achievement considering that she’s been handed indefinite bans by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as being blacklisted by PayPal and GoFundMe. Despite this serious communication and fundraising handicap, she’s managed to amass way over half a million followers on Parler and the backing of one of the United States’ biggest political parties.

Now that Laura Loomer is an official, bona fide political candidate, will Twitter, Facebook and the rest let her speak freely?

In fairness, I’m not the only one asking that question, but I’m actually surprised that more people aren’t making a fuss about this in the blogosphere. Oh wait a minute; Laura Loomer is Jewish and critical of Islam…so of course I’m not surprised.

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Mao Zedong

The New Cold War – Part 2

Mao Zedong

With the UK government’s cancellation of Huawei’s 5G infrastructure projects and a recent commitment to asylum seekers from Hong Kong, it’s tempting to conclude that our relations with China are quickly deteriorating. However, just as I pointed out in a previous post, the relationship between China and the West has been remarkably stable for a number of years now.

The sad truth is that, just like a battered spouse, the West is finally beginning to realise just how lopsided and abusive our alleged partnership has been, and for how long.

To put it bluntly, the Chinese Communist Party has been helping the West to fund its own decline for many years, and that decline is carefully designed to ensure that our political, media and business leaders profit greatly from it. Because scrutiny of supply lines does not serve the interests of Western elites, our toxic culture of conspicuous consumerism built on bonded sweatshop labour goes largely unreported. Apple and Nike are two of the worst offenders when it comes to the exquisite hypocrisy of corporate virtue signalling powered by political prisoners who have suicide nets installed in their factories. Do you have suicide nets in your workplace?

I guess Chinese lives don’t matter.

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Kanye West for President? Seriously?

clownOnce again Kanye West has put himself firmly in the spotlight with his unexpected and some would say bizarre announcement that he will run for president of the United States. To be clear, both his much discussed Twitter announcement and his #2020VISION hashtag leave enough ambiguity for a run in 2024 or perhaps even later. He’s still relatively young and he has plenty of time.

The only question that matters right now is whether he’s serious about challenging Donald Trump for the presidency come November. To be honest, it’s difficult to imagine him putting forward a viable presidential run this late in the day, but at the same time it would be foolish to dismiss West’s announcement as the empty daydreams of a vainglorious clown.

Kanye West has a plan, and it doesn’t involve becoming president of the United States in 2020. He’s a smart boy and he understands the media, just like the current occupant of the Oval Office.

In truth, Kanye is probably still figuring out whether he really has any interest in public office. In the meantime he’s got plenty of ground to break and money to make, so we won’t know where he really stands until sometime after 2030.

So why do it?

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Money Trap

The Curious Case of Ghislaine Maxwell

MoneyIt should be no surprise that the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell has lifted the Jeffrey Epstein saga off life support with a potent shot of adrenaline and steroids. Whilst it’s too early to know what she might or might not reveal in exchange for some sort of immunity or lesser sentence, the circumstances surrounding her capture are curious to say the least.

Bearing in mind that she’s facing some pretty serious criminal charges, we’re forced to wonder whether it’s really credible that the US authorities had no idea where she was hiding this whole time. The majority of people who live in the real world will raise an eyebrow when they learn that Ms Maxwell has been holed up in a million dollar mansion in New Hampshire the whole time, yet nobody was able to track her down until recently. If you or I wanted to go on the run we’d be forced to channel our inner Charles Bronson and vanish into blinking neon motel obscurity. Even then there would be no guarantee that the very capable and well-resourced FBI wouldn’t catch up with us eventually. After all, the Feds know that flophouse central is a likely place to look.

The idea that the US authorities were completely unaware that Ghislaine Maxwell was living a comfortable life right under their very noses is about as believable as the Pakistani government having absolutely no clue that Osama bin Laden was hiding just a stone’s throw from a military academy.

This does of course lead us to ask why the one person with the most direct knowledge of Epstein’s affairs made no serious attempt either to leave the country or disappear into some sort of serious hiding. The answer is obvious really; because although she needed to escape from the press and the public, Maxwell never seriously feared arrest or prosecution.

So what’s changed?

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Piers Morgan is a Paragon of Hypocrisy

CommissarWho could possibly have guessed it? The Guido Fawkes website has just unearthed a picture of Piers Morgan in a Nazi fancy dress costume. As of yet, Mr Morgan hasn’t commented directly, in fact the attention hungry journalist has suffered a sudden attack of shyness when people want to ask questions about it. Apparently he’s blocking anyone and everyone on Twitter who dares to mention the offending photo, so we’ll see if he’s forced to take the next step and delete his account entirely. If that happens, brace yourself for a self indulgent orgy of hand wringing and navel gazing surrounding our lawless and unaccountable cancel culture. Out in the real world, most of us won’t be paying too much attention to that as we quietly chuckle while we watch the outrage machine eat one of its own. I’m sure it’ll turn out to be Trump’s fault in the end.

Although SS costumes are in poor taste and never a good idea, I can’t say I’m especially offended or surprised by Piers’ tactless fancy dress choice.

In fact, blackface and Nazi getup seem to be de rigueur for our morally and intellectually advanced elites. You know, the people who are paid exorbitant sums to lecture the rest of us knuckle draggers about what we should think and how we should view the world.

Although it’s great fun to watch one of our self-appointed betters bake in the fires of PC outrage, such delicious schadenfreude can deflect from a more fundamentally important point. Piers Morgan is not an outlier or some shocking statistical anomaly; in fact, his current troubles are part of a discernable pattern we can see emerging among our self-righteous, hectoring and badgering elites.

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